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Indiana Family Retreat (INFR)


2020 Dates:

October 7-10, 2020


Timber Ridge Camp

1674 Timber Ridge Rd

Spencer, IN 47460






Tom & Alane Waters

Tom & Alane are passionate about seeking God's will for their lives and sharing His love and life changing power with others.   They left the popular culture of the day - thriving medical carers and advancement, bigger home, new car and worldly entertainment to seek a real, personal and vital connection with God, realizing it was the culture of His Word and His will that really mattered.   Being in ministry for over 30 years, they continue to have a zeal for God's Word to be the light that guides us in our day to day life.  They continue to give their all to hasten the coming of Christ and experience eternity in His Culture.




Norman & Joelle McNulty

Norman and Joelle McNulty met at GYC in 2004 and married in 2007. After Norman finished his residency in Loma Linda, they spent two years in Trinidad as missionaries.   Norman is a neurologist and travels throughout the world speaking for churches on various weekends. He has a passion for sharing the three angels’ messages of God’s Word, and how that transcends the culture of our time. Joelle occupies herself with homemaking and a creative, consistent homeschool. Together they are committed to educate their four daughters in the truth, goodness, and beauty that can be found in the Word of God and a relationship with Jesus. Norman and Joelle are eager to share about developing a personalized family culture based on God’s Word, and not the cultural status quo. 






Retreat Hosts:






David, Jennifer, Ethan, and Katie Currier

(317) 643-1530



Registration opens August 2, 2020



All attendees are required to register, whether staying on-site or off-site.

Click to Register


Early Bird Registration: (August 2-31, 2020)

Family: $50.00 

Individual: $30.00


Registration: (September 1-30, 2020)

Family: $75.00 

Individual: $40.00


Late Registration: (October 1-7, 2020)

Family: $100.00

Individual: $50.00




Will Indiana Family Retreat be held in October 2020?

Lord willing, yes! We will be monitoring the state and the national regulations closely, and if anything changes, we will let you know as soon as possible. So far, Indiana has been able to maintain its opening trend, though it is slower than originally planned. Currently, there are no restrictions on large group events outside the city of Indianapolis.

If INFR is cancelled, will I receive a refund?

We are choosing to conduct registration as a “pre-registration”.  Your credit card will not be charged until shortly before the event takes place. We will send out an e-mail to all registrants before placing the charges (probably end of September). If we end up having to cancel the event after placing the charges, INFR will absorb any costs and fees associated with online registration and credit card transactions.

If your family registers, and then feels it is unwise for you personally to attend, we fully understand and honor that. Due to the costs associated with online registration and the running of the event, we will be unable to refund your registration fee, but lodging costs will be fully refunded. If cancellation occurs before Sunday, September 20, meal costs will also be refunded. After that date, the camp will be ordering food and we will not be able to refund the cost of meal tickets.

Will I be required to wear a mask?

Current Indiana regulations (effective 07/27/2020) require masks for everyone over the age of 7 in indoor public areas and in outdoor areas where social distancing is not feasible.  Please plan to bring your mask and have it available to wear when needed.  

What will seating be like?

In order to help guarantee proper social distancing and protocols as required by the local county health department, seating arrangements for meetings will be creative this year.  Our current plan is to create family “pods”, where a family can sit together for the duration of family retreat.  This will help minimize the need for sanitizing chairs and song books in between each meeting.  You will be asked on the registration form if your family prefers to sit near the front, middle, or rear of the auditorium.

What can I expect song service to be like?

We will still sing together! We will be inviting family units to lead out in the song service for each meeting.  Microphones will be sanitized between handlings.

Will there be a choir and orchestra?

Unfortunately, there will be no children’s choir this year. We hope to still have an instrumental ensemble with appropriate spacing.

How about family fun time?

Come enjoy new, creative activities with your family!

What will meals in the cafeteria be like?

We don’t know exactly what mealtime will feel like, but you can expect to be served all food, for it to take longer than usual to get through line, and to have different seating arrangements. Pray for warm, dry weather so friends and family can enjoy fellowship outside during mealtimes. 

Volunteers will be wearing personal protective equipment, as required by the state and the camp.

What should I do if someone in my family does not feel well?

If anyone in your family does not feel well, has a fever over 100.4, or is experiencing other COVID-related, please stay home! We’d love to see you in person, but your health and the health of those attending must take priority.




Cabins: Duplex-style cabins are winterized, have electric service. and sleep up to 6 individuals. Cabins may only be reserved for all four nights. Meals may be prepared on the porch in front of the cabin, but the camp does not allow cooking inside cabins at any time. 






Primitive tent camping You are welcome to pitch your tent under one of the many pavilions found across the lake. There is no electricity, but there are several water spigots and pit toilets. Shower houses are located on the front side of campus near the cafeteria and pavilion. Open shelters with concrete floors may be used for cooking.


RV Hookups: There are a limited number of RV hookups. All spots provide electricity, but only some provide water. Water is available throughout the weekend for you to fill your water tank.



Check-in begins at 2:00 pm on Wednesday, October 7, 2020. Please check in before proceeding to your lodgings. You will receive your name tags, meal tickets, lodging assignment, and a camp information booklet at that time.




Plant-based meals are prepared daily at 7:30 am and 1:00 pm. Gluten-free meals are available; however, you must order gluten-free meal tickets at time of purchase so our cook may plan accordingly. Meal tickets may be purchased online at time of registration. 



Please share your musical talents in glory to God! If your family is interested in providing a special music during one of the meetings, please check the box at registration. Your contact information will then be provided to our special music coordinator.



Every year a children’s choir provides special music during the Sabbath morning service. Practice times will be announced during the retreat.

Children and adults are encouraged to bring instruments and to join in on all song services. There will also be an ensemble special music Sabbath evening. Practice times will be announced during the retreat.



October weather in Indiana can bring anything and everything! Chilly mornings and evenings, however, are quite predictable. We meet in an open-air pavilion, so please bring attire appropriate for cold weather and an extra blanket or two to help protect yourself from the weather… and metal chairs. Be sure to check the weather forecast before you come so you can plan accordingly. 




We are very thankful for the generous use of Timber Ridge facilities during this retreat. By attending INFR, you agree to abide by the rules provided by Timber Ridge, which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • No swimming in the lake at any time.
  • Speed limit for the camp is set at 10 mph. Dangerous or reckless driving could result in the driver being asked to leave the premises.
  • Pets are allowed, however they must be kept on a leash at all times and owners will be responsible for any damage caused by their pets and charged to repair damages.
  • The possession and/or use of the following are prohibited on the property:
    • Alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs
    • Weaponry, firearms, and fireworks
  • Restoration International is a supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The focus of Family Retreat is for the personal Christian walk, marriage, and family. To avoid distractions, no printed or electronic information outside of what Restoration International provides may be distributed on campus

2020 Family Retreat Theme Song:

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