Restoration International

Restoring individuals, marriages, and families to God since 1989

Schedule a Seminar

We are available by appointment to speak to your church or group on any of the topics detailed on this site, or we can adapt to your individual needs.

To schedule a Seminar:

Have your pastor, church board or group approve the seminar, then email as far in advance as possible with your official request.  Once we have that official invitation by email stating what type of seminar you would like to schedule we will contact you to discuss dates.    

We ask that our travel and lodging expenses be covered (see below) and that in support of the ongoing work of this ministry that you include an honorarium of $500 for a Friday/Sabbath event, or $900 for a week long event.   Thank you.

Travel expenses:

Airfares (booked by us)
Mileage to/from airport at our end
Motels our end / your end
Food expenses during travel
Car rental and fuel

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