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Marriage Heart to Heart


Marriage Heart to Heart is series of twenty-six 30-minute marriage enrichment programs by Tom and Alane Waters. Three Angels Broadcasting Network recorded this series, and made it a part of their Marriage in God's Hands program.  Now you can watch all twenty-six programs here, on demand, for free!  You can also purchase the DVD series here, and For Better or for Best a book Tom and Alane wrote to go along with the programs.  Enjoy!

Program #1  
Learning to Become One


Program #2  
Two Me's or One Us?


Program #3
An Enduring Commitment


Program #4
What is True Love?


Program #5
Developing Respect


Program #6
Cultivating Restraint







Program #7
Establishing Our Roles

Program #8
Finding Forgiveness


Program #9
The Grave for Faults


Program #10
Building a Sure Foundation

Program #11
Prayers of Love

Program #12
Forming Common Goals



Program #13
Setting Priorities



Program #14
Effective Communication


Program #15
Please Understand Me


Program #16
Communication Breakers


Program #17
Honesty & Integrity


Program #18
Money Matters

Program #19
Managing Money


Program #20
From Discord to Harmony


Program #21
Handling Our Emotions


Program #22
When Counseling is Necessary


Program #23
Keeping Love Alive


Program #24
Moral Purity



Program #25
Mutually Meaningful Intimacy



Program #26
You Can Have a Marriage-Heart to Heart!










In For Better or for... Best! Tom and Alane explore the painful pitfalls that married couples encounter and offer practical Biblical solutions that work. Whether you have a vibrant marriage or are headed for disaster, these principles, in cooperation with Christ will make your marriage the best it can be.
For Better or For... Best! was written as a sharing book and is being offered at affordable quantity pricing.  See below.  

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